How to Contribute

How can I help? Thanks for asking. Let's find a place for you!

First you should join the community by filling this form and subscribe to our mailing list.
Stay tuned thanks to Twitter and Linkedin.

If you are a user

Read the Nanocloud user documentation.
We are eager to get your feedback and your case study so please drop us some line on the mailing list.
If you find problems, log a bug in our GitHub.

If you're a tester (and breaker), get started this way

Install a stable or a development version of Nanocloud.
Play with it, break it and report your bug properly in our GitHub.

If you are a developer

Code contributions are also always welcome, but do have to go through a review process.
Get the code.
Read the Nanocloud developer documentation to understand how to build Nanocloud product.

Before we can accept your patches, you'll have to agree to a Contributor License Agreement.

All contributors to the Nanocloud Community project must have signed CLAs on file before we can merge their contributions.

This is necessary to ensure we have the legal right to include your code in our repositories, that we can continue to distribute that code under the Gnu Affero General Public License V3, and that you have the legal right to give us that code.

If you create a pull request without first signing the CLA, you will be asked to do so before the pull request is reviewed.

If you're hoping to contribute in another way, let us know!

Contact us at contribute[at]